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Welcome to Chirocentre Chiropractic

With a convenient location in Moonee Ponds,  Chirocentre Chiropractors have been proudly serving the local communities of Moonee Ponds, Essendon, Pascoe Vale, Ascot Vale, Brunswick, and Strathmore for over fifteen years.

So if your....

Looking for a professional yet friendly clinic whose chirofamily.jpgpractors are committed to giving you freedom from pain whether its back pain, neck pain or any where else?

Or looking for a health coach who can assist you in decreasing your stress and improving your health and vitality!

Well, you've found it!


We know everyone is unique with different health  complaints objectives and goals, so we offer a variety of care plans and options to ensure your care suits your needs
 & health goals.newsletter_button.jpg

We take your health & well being very seriously and with all our highly trained and experienced chiropractors  registered under the same health act as your GP, you will have peace of mind knowing you are in safe, gentle and qualified hands.

We expect outstanding results...combining our our extremelyrelief_care.png thorough and comprehensive diagnostics to develop your own personalised care plan.. we leave nothing to chance.

With health workshops, exerciposture_pro_2.jpgse & nutritional advice, plus extensive resources available both online & offline all focusing on getting you back to your optimal health... out of pain... or simply more energetic & ready to bounce out of bed in the morning, we look forward helping you.

So if you are ready to take the first step,want to deal with  friendly professional and compassionate staff all within a fun vibrant environment we look forward to meeting you!

However we do understand that you want to get to know us first & experience first hand exactly who we are... thats where our New Patient Internet Deal comes in. 

Simply click the link below to save yourself money and get a few extra "goodies" to take home. These days every bit helps & its our way of saying thankyou for for finding us and giving us a go.